And Now, A Word From Our Interns

May 8, 2017

Today we bid adieu to the lovely Olivia (left) and Damjana (right).  Without these two hotshots, we probably wouldn’t have even launched (or at least not for another three months anyway). You are both EVERYTHING! Thank you for all of your TLC on helping to launch Breaking Beauty, and we mean that from the bottom of our glitter-bedazzled hearts. 

Who: Olivia Nashmi, student at Ryerson University

Favourite Podcasts: Freakonomics (one of the first podcasts I ever listened to); Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids; GRTTWAK (I’m bias because I know the creator, but it’s still fun and entertaining!)

Podcast You’d Like To Launch Someday:  I would looove to launch one all about why people are so passionate about the music they’re listening to!

Where You’d Like To Be In 5 Years: I hope to be a podcast guru! I really think audible stories are going to be the next big thing!

When You’re Not Podcasting: I’m on the Dragonboat team at Ryerson and it’s become a big part of my life!

Dream Dinner Party Guest (Living or Dead): The inspiring, badass founder Coco Chanel. Growing up, my grandmother gave me a Chanel bag and it’s one of my most prized possessions.

Who: Damjana Simic, student at George Brown College

Favourite Podcasts: On The Mic Stand Up ComedyExtra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast

Podcast You’d Like To Launch Someday: Obvious Observation, about how we make all the simple things around us super complicated.

Where You’d Like To Be In 5 Years: On stage at the Sony Centre delivering my stand up special!

When You’re Not Podcasting: I’m travelling, schooling and doing my nails ??

Biggest Takeaway From Your Internship Experience: Sooner or later, hard work pays off.