Ep 110 – The Feel Good Episode!!

March 25, 2020

The memes aren’t wrong, who pissed 2020 off?! But all things Covid-19 in your feed isn’t great for mental health either, which is why we’ve dedicated today’s episode to what’s sparking joy in your humble hosts right now. To kick it off, we’ve partnered with Milk Makeup with an epic giveaway. (See instructions here on how 50 listeners can win Milk Makeup’s new Vegan Milk Moisturizer.)

Chiara Ferragni and husband Fedez have raised over 4 Million euro for emergency Covid-19 ICU units in Italy

Stay tuned as we detail the social media star warming our hearts through life-saving fund-raising, throwing the gauntlet down for beauty brands to start putting their money where their mouth is to help build new ICU units, stat. Then, we trade notes on the celebrities and influencers slaying us with their IG videos and TikToks (we’re looking at you, Lizzo, JLo and Rickey Thompson.) Plus, find out what we’re binging on that’s giving us the LOLz when we’re not hiding under the sheets.

Rickey Thompson giving us all the LOLz rn

Finally, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t hit you with some of our top self-isolation beauty tips. From removing Shellac to the bright lipsticks putting a smile on our faces, you’ll find out just how we’re coping as we record in our PJs.

Carlene wears CND’s new English Garden spring collection in Flowerbed Folly (beige) and Magical Topiary (mint)

Products mentioned in this episode: Beauty Biz BFF’s Glow Skincare Cold Roller; CND Vinylux English Garden Long Wear Collection; Essie Expressie Quick-Dry Nail Polish in Taxi Hopping; ImPRESS KISS Jelly Fantasy Nails; Chanel Rouge Coco Flash; Sustain By Cheekbone Beauty Lipstick in Aki; Vitner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum; Odacite Gua Sha Stone

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