Ep 111 Pioneers of the At-Home Acid Peel, Dr. Dennis Gross & Carrie Gross

April 1, 2020

We’re back with a stellar founder episode! Today, you’ll meet pioneer of the at-home micro peel, Dr. Dennis Gross, along with his wife Carrie Gross, co-founder and CEO of the best-selling acids brand at Sephora. The flew us all the way to their Upper East Side HQ in New York, to discover the origin story behind Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, one of the first dermatologist brands to launch twenty years ago. Find out how the iconic Alpha Beta Universal Peel came to be, and why the DIY, daily acid peel system was a shocking idea – at a time when Sex And The City’s Samantha Jones was the poster child for aggressive pro treatments.

The limited edition 20th Anniversary Alpha Beta Peels are launching right now!

The poster child for aggressive in-office acid peels in the 90s, Samantha Jones of SATC

Today, a box of DDG Alpha Beta Peels are sold every three seconds around the world, and it’s consistently spotted on every beauty editor’s top shelf. Dr. Dennis Gross explains why the breakthrough product is so different, as he answers your most common acid peel questions, including tips on how to build it into your current skincare routine. Plus, Jill shares her own experience, as a long-time devotee to the 2-step system. (Already a fan? Check out this special 20th anniversary edition in collectible, re-usable tins!)

Then, we get a sneak peek on the brand’s newest skin-saving launch, targeted to acne sufferers, coming this summer… But that’s not all! Dr. Dennis Gross – an expert in the field of melanoma – is here to serve the real talk on the latest FDA findings, explaining why he’ll never recommend a chemical sunscreen again. Plus, the dynamic husband-and-wife duo sound off on what they think is the biggest gimmick going in the beauty business right now. Finally, Dr. Gross peers into his crystal ball, revealing what he thinks the future of skin care might look like in the decade to come.

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