Ep 119 How To Get On a Retinol Routine You Won’t Want To Quit

May 27, 2020

In partnership with our friends at Olay, today we’re answering some important questions about the almighty retinol with Dr. Frauke Neuser, P&G’s principal scientist and total ingredient wizard. Backed by decades of clinical research, this non-prescription form of vitamin A has been proven to kickstart cell turnover and collagen production to reverse signs of wrinkles, age spots and texture. So why does the latest data show that the majority of women who start a retinol routine quit before they start seeing any results?

Photo courtesy of A Beauty Edit blog

Dr. Neuser explains the real reason so many women aren’t seeing any results in their retinol routines, or worse, stop due to irritation. What type of retinol penetrates best? What percentage should we look for on the label? How important is product packaging and how can you tell when retinol has “gone off”? These questions and more, on how to build retinol into your existing skincare routine, without sacrificing any of your tried-and-true favourites (acids, anyone?) Get ready to re-start your retinol regimen, for good.

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