Ep 120 A Message from Jill and Carlene

June 3, 2020


This week we are participating in #TheShowMustBePaused to mute our own voices and to support #AmplifyMelanatedVoices.

Below is a list of articles and podcasts referenced in today’s brief message to read, listen to and watch:

Articles/Social media:

Danielle Prescod – her IGTV post is absolutely must-watch.

Kathleen Newman-Bremang’s story from Refinery29: The Pandemic Of Black Trauma Will Never End.

Ateh Jewell’s piece that she co-wrote called: “Three Black women tell us how to support the #BlackLivesMatter movement that goes beyond posting an Instagram image.

Donte Colley’s Instagram for a curated list of resources on how to protest, donate and educate yourself https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/


Kultur’d – Toronto-based podcast co-hosted by Meera Estrada and Bee Quammie that uses pop culture as a gateway to larger themes, with an emphasis on diversity. They just published their 100th episode covering anti-Black racism, Amy Cooper, George Floyd, and being better allies.

2 Queens in a Pod – UK-based fashion & beauty podcast hosted by Leah Mai and Iman Leila. Their latest episode, “Black Lives Matter Everyday,” discusses exactly what’s going on right now and what needs to change.

Ice Cream Social– A brand new podcast by Beauty Bakerie founder Cashmere Nicole. Her most recent episode is called “That’s Just Wrong, Beauty and Racism.”

Naked Beauty – New York-based host Brooke Devard delivers DIY beauty tips, with practical and deeper thoughts on natural hair, skin care, body image and self-image.

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