Ep 128 “Clean Beauty” in the Era of Misinformation With The Eco Well

July 29, 2020

Listen to the episode here:

Is “Clean Beauty” a myth? According to a growing social media movement led by the scientific community, a lot of the ingredients on all of those “free-from” lists may not be so dangerous after all. Today we’re chatting with Jen Novakovich, the cosmetic chemist and formulator behind The Eco Well. Jen started her platform to bring more science into the conversation around sustainability in personal care, with a mission to help correct some of the misinformation making headlines today.

Are parabens as awful as we’re made to believe? How much of a topical ingredient is actually absorbed into the bloodstream? What does “medical-grade” skincare really mean? And is anything “chemical-free”? Listen in as Jen answers these questions and more, offering some helpful tools to critically evaluate what you’re hearing – and buying. But first, Carlene and Jill weigh in with their thoughts on why they’re not quite done with the world of Clean Beauty yet!

In September, we’ll be appearing on The Eco Well’s podcast – so be sure to subscribe to her podcast so you don’t miss a thing.

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