Ep 139 Skincare Founder Dr. Barbara Sturm

October 14, 2020

German skincare founder Dr. Barbara Sturm has earned a celebrity following that includes Kim Kardashian, Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid.  On the cusp of her newest outpost touching down in West Hollywood very soon –  you’re about to find out why the brand’s spa facials and “molecular cosmetics” line have become coveted around the world for delivering the famous #sturmglow.

Kim Kardashian post-Vampire Facial

Turns out, this doctor-backed line of luxury skincare isn’t your typical dermatological range. Dr. Sturm is rather a medical aesthetics doctor by trade, a former orthopedist who once worked on the team who treated Kobe Bryant using PRP (plasma-rich platelet) therapy – the very injectable that inspired her to pioneer the “Vampire Facial”.

We ask Dr. Sturm about the bespoke, $1,400 MC1 “Blood” Cream she invented for her elite clientele that uses proteins from your own blood to promote your skin’s ability to heal itself. Then, stay tuned as she explains the ethos behind her self-titled retail range – premium formulas that shun chemical exfoliation. And just why is the Hyaluronic Serum $300 when The Ordinary’s HA costs only $6? Breaking Beauty fans wanna know!

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