Ep 152 Clarisonic Co-Founder Dr. Robb On The Death Of The Cleansing Brush & His New, $500 “Skincare Appliance,” Opulus

January 13, 2021

In today’s founder episode, we’re chatting with Clarisonic co-founder, Dr. Robb Akridge – aka Dr. Robb. The Seattle-based scientist has done everything from studying marine biology to researching AIDS vaccines before pivoting to the world of beauty with his breakthrough invention, the Clarisonic cleansing brush. Fans were stunned when L’Oréal discontinued the device last year, and now, Dr. Robb speaks out about how he felt when he learned of the gadget’s demise.

RIP Clarisonic (Image: The Cut)

We trace the Clarisonic’s rise, and ultimate fall. Then, stay tuned to hear about his latest high-tech skincare invention, The Opulus Treatment System, beauty’s first-ever “skincare appliance.” Like your own personal beauty lab, this futuristic innovation whips up potent formulas in seconds, so fresh it’s as if it just rolled off the assembly line. We know, we know: do you really need a $500 skincare appliance? Find out why his second first-to-market invention might have you whipping out your credit card once again.

Meet Opulus, beauty’s first “Skincare Appliance”

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