Ep 163 – Bonus! How-to Dupe A Spa-Style Facial At Home In Partnership with Clarins

March 22, 2021

Actress Laura Harrier is a fan of Total Eye Lift, too

In partnership with our friends at Clarins, this is your Step-By-Step Guide to Giving Yourself a Spa-Worthy Facial at Home. In today’s Bonus episode, we speak to Clarins Vice President of Education, Christy Cella, who schools us on how to get pro results at home, whether you have sensitive, oily or dry skin. We find out: Do you really need to steam? Can you safely do extractions yourself? What’s the right way to apply eye cream? Plus, we learn the spa-proof lymphatic drainage method to soothe puffy eyes – and fill you in on Clarins’ latest release, an eye cream that lifts, soothes and tightens in 60 seconds flat. Hold onto your lemon water and get your fluffy slippers ready, self-care Monday is here!

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