Ep 175 – WTF is The Beauty Sandwich? (And Do We Need One??)

June 2, 2021

Meet Ivan Pol, AKA The Beauty Sandwich

Today we’re chatting with Iván Pol – AKA The Beauty Sandwich – to find out why A-Listers like like Lizzo, Salma Hayek and Miranda Kerr are lining up for the signature facial treatment said to sharpen cheekbones, lift jowls and carve out contours – with zero needles or downtime. We find out the secrets behind all the fire, including his proprietary skincare innovation, a sold-out “Sau7e” that’s creating so much buzz, a popular HBO show is using it across its entire cast in place of makeup. Plus, we get the goods on his 4-day, “Wedding Cake Facial,” along with the next big development he has baking in the oven, and his top products, gizmos and tricks to snatch your own face to the gods.

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