Ep 180 – How-To Slay The Summer With Molly Sims & Emese Gormley of Lipstick on the Rim Podcast

July 7, 2021

You may know her from her high-larious real talk Mommy Reels or, perhaps you’ll recognize her from years of vogueing for CoverGirl, it’s Molly Sims! Also joining us on the mic, we’re welcoming her co-host on Lipstick on the Rim podcast, Emese Gormley, fashion PR maven, baby food titan and total beauty aficionado! These two besties are like the fun, friendly and totally hawt Mom group you really wanna hang with, and when you look over, they pour you a tequila-spiked Paloma and start casually spilling their secrets to looking buff, bronzed and beautiful (with zero judgments.)

No topic is off limits! Listen in as we reminisce about the first time we met like 15 years ago at a charity gala (oh, the memories!) Then, we’re talking Mommy Makeovers, why liposuction might actually suck, body confidence boosters, what’s in their summer makeup bags and finally, the one skincare item that legit changed their skin. Cheers to that!

Wait, we’re not done the gab-sesh just yet! Catch your Breaking Beauty hosts on a rousing rapid fire round of current beauty faves over on Lipstick on the Rim podcast this week. We’re talking fast and furious about our new warm weather essentials – eye palettes, cheek tints and redness-obliterating magic creams, right this way!

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