Ep 215 – Hair Slugging, Bottleneck Bangs, Liquid Bobs – Decoding The Biggest 2022 Hair Trends With Celeb Hairstylist Clayton Hawkins. Plus! Our Take On Those Olaplex Headlines

March 9, 2022

A photo of Hairstyle Clayton Hawkins with Ep 215 written over it, as well as his name

Clayton Hawkins is the wig-wearing, vintage hot tool-collecting hairstylist to Olivia Rodrigo, Dove Cameron and Emily in ParisAshley Park. Today, we’re diving deep into his tickle trunk, as Clayton decodes the hottest hair trends of 2022, so far. The “shullett,” bottleneck bangs, Y2K baby braids – we’re covering it all, honey. We find out the exact products in the Hollywood hairstylist’s hair kit, from the essential brushes to the $6 dry shampoo and the hot tools – 70s, 90s and new – that he thinks are definitely worth the investment. 

A collage of photos of Clayton in his many different wigs - taken from his instagram

A Few Of Clayton Hawkins’ Many Wigs Courtesy Of His Instagram

But first, we discuss the recent Olaplex headlines that prompted some TikTok users to start binning their hair holy grails. Do they really cause infertility? Jill’s not throwing away her bottle yet, guys! We reached out to the brand for their official statement. (To understand the science behind the study that led to banning of the ingredient in the EU and why testing on rats is different than testing on humans, we recommend watching Dr. Michelle Wong aka @labmuffinbeautyscience’s breakdown of this topic.)

A photo of Olivia Rodrigo with the baby braid look created by Clayton - she is photographed wearing a blue dress with a box on the front of it

Olivia Rodrigo’s Baby Braids, Courtesy of Clayton Hawkins’ Instagram

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