Ep 270 – Queen Of The 60-Second Review Glamzilla On Influencer Drama, Her Life-Altering Weight Loss Surgery and The Products She Buys Over and Over Again

March 22, 2023

A photo of Carlene Higgins, Jill Dunn and Stephanie Valentine, aka Glamzilla

She’s the queen of 60 second reviews, and this week Stephanie Valentine, aka Glamzilla, joins us to talk about the evolution of her decade-plus content creation career, her life-altering weight loss surgery and the products she buys over and over again.

This Week You’ll Learn:

  • Why, despite topping every PR list, Glamzilla still buys 80% of her beauty products
  • The sleeper-hit makeup primer that you probably haven’t tried
  • The one serum she can’t stop buying
  • The “de-influencing” trend  – can we still trust content creators? 
  • What it feels like to lose 140 pounds after gastric bypass surgery – and the advice she’d give to anyone thinking about a weight loss surgery
  • Stay tuned to the end to hear her favorite foundation for every skin type  – and the one overhyped mascara she thinks is a flop

Mentioned In This Episode:

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