Ep 279 – Life Update! Carlene and Jill Come Clean on Anxiety, Dating App Fails and Is The New Dyson AirStrait Worth The $500 Price Tag??

May 24, 2023

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Hot off the Dyson Airstrait launch in New York City, this week we’re chatting live from our SOHO studio, delivering the 101 on the mega-brand’s latest $500 hair innovation, what went down at Revlon’s back-from-the-brink brand trip, and what happens when skin problems are past the point of fixing by product alone. 

Matthew Collins Helping Launch The New Dyson Airstrait in NYC

Matthew Collins Helping Launch The New Dyson Airstrait in NYC

Plus, tune in as we drop our editors’ hats to chat about key life updates that are influencing our hearts and minds right now.

You’ll hear about: 

    • How Dyson’s newest invention is taking hours off of curly girls’ hair routines – and how it differs from GHD’s 2-in-1 Duet Hot Air Styler that launched last year
    • Jill’s latest brand trip with Revlon – are they okay??
    • How Carlene is treating her persistent skin flare ups – and why skincare isn’t the only answer
    • The real talk about going on antidepressants for the first time (*content warning*: panic attacks are discussed) 
    • Dating apps – the good, the bad and the why
    • Earring solutions for droopy lobes!
    • Plus! What’s in our bags right now

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