Ep 292 – Supplements You’ll Actually Want To Take (For Real!), Turning Childhood Trauma Into Resilience + How-To Build a Culture Where People *Like* Coming to Work ft. Cymbiotika Co-Founder Durana Elmi

August 16, 2023

A photo of Cymbotika Co-Founder Durana Elmi in front of exercise material

You may have seen Cymbiotika’s sleek, easy-to-down supplement pouches on Instagram already, and today, we’re bringing you the brilliant backstory. In partnership with our friends at Cymbiotika, we’re sitting down with Durana Elmi, the Co-Founder & COO responsible for the brand’s skyrocketing growth. 

Find out how the Afghan-American powerhouse was able to overcome personal hardships in her youth to become the resilient leader she is today, the keys to achieving Cymbiotika’s fast-won success and the life lessons that she’s instilling in her daughters along the way.

Tune in to hear about:

  • The healthy habits, mindset and supplements that Durana personally follows to look and feel her best everyday
  • The clever and creative ways that she’s changing corporate culture, so that people actually want to come into the office everyday
  • How Cymbiotika is supporting the non-profit, Helping Hands for Afghans, a passion project to help women, children and refugees
  • Plus! Rapidfire: BOSS Edition, including what *not* to do in a job interview, how to nail a cover letter and the one thing that’s a big no-no at any office
  • Scoop alert! We get a sneak peek at the lifestyle category that Cymbiotika will expand to next

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