Ep 27- Green Beauty Rebel & RMS Beauty Founder Rose-Marie Swift

RMS Beauty Breaking Beauty Podcast

Listen Here. Get ready for our most unfiltered founder yet! Rose-Marie Swift took the beauty world by the balls, screamed in its face, and caused a frenzy with one of the first "green" makeup lines back in 2009. Her website, beautytruth.com, set out to educate the masses about toxic ingredients in makeup and skincare, putting her career as a celebrity makeup artist on the line. Is it any wonder given the Vancouver-born celebrity makeup artist started out as a punk singer?? 

Her iconic best-seller, Living Luminzer, was born out of her experience giving the original Victoria's Secret angels—Miranda Kerr and Gisele Bundchen—their heavenly glow. Standing the test of time among the gazillions of highlighting products that have launched since, Living Luminizer is what Meghan Markle chose to get her radiance on for her royal wedding! We walk you through the best-seller's first two shade extensions.

RMS Beauty Breaking Beauty Podcast

Listen in as Rose-Marie recalls her raucous roots (and we're not just talking about the list of rockstars she's slept with, though you'll find that in this episode too.) The makeup artist also reveals why her brand of coconut oil-based makeup products manage to perform when so many other organic cosmetics falter. Plus, find out which dream product she's determined to create next, her personal skincare-free nighttime routine and the genetic talent you need to hear about to believe.

Products mentioned in this episode: RMS Beauty Living Luminizer; RMS Beauty "Un"-Cover-up; RMS Beauty "Un"-Powder; RMS Beauty From Within Probiotic + Prebiotic Supplements

Rose-Marie Swift Breaking Beauty Podcast