Ep 56 Glow Down Ft. Samantha Ravndahl, The Internet's Most "Brutally Honest" Beauty Influencer

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Samantha Ravndahl is finally here! “Meet the beauty blogger who’s made a career out of brutal honesty,” said Vanity Fair, in an article profiling the 26-year-old professional makeup artist last year. Samantha began creating content in 2013 with just 2,000 followers, which grew into 10,000 fans in one month— and ballooned into an audience of one million in just one year. One Lil’ Kim lawsuit behind her, and the super influencer has earned 2.2M Instagram followers tune in to the Vancouverite’s feed for her boundary-pushing beauty lewks that have been known to skew into special FX.

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But it’s Samantha’s badass, no-holding-back attitude that keep them coming back. Case in point: in December, she released a “No More PR” video announcing that she would no longer be accepting thousands of dollars worth of publicity products from brands anymore — a waste-reductive move that drew headlines in WWD Magazine. We asked Samantha about why she made that decision (who doesn’t like freebies?!), and how her tutorials and her relationships with brands has changed since then.

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Six years in, Samantha— and her content— are continually evolving. We get the scoop on her decision to stop retouching face and body “blemishes” on any of her photos moving forward. She also spills the tea on the products she’s truly passionate about (top shelf elite edition!), answers burning listener questions, and tells us about the career goal Future Samantha currently has on the dream board…

A few of the products in Samantha’s makeup bag

A few of the products in Samantha’s makeup bag

Ep 22 The Glow Down Ft. YouTube Beauty Sensation Krystal Clear Makeup

Carlene Higgins and Jill Dunn Breaking Beauty Podcast

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It’s officially spring and that means… we’re celebrating our very 1st birthday!! Hooray!! In this episode, Jill and Carlene shout-out the amazing press coverage Breaking Beauty Podcast has been getting across the pond (Grazia UK and British Glamour to shamelessly name names). And as per usual, dish the dirt on the damn good beauty products we’re loving right now. One of those gems can be found at Chanel's insanely chic arcade, Chanel Game Centre, a pop-up at Holt Renfrew Bloor St. until April 15th!

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Then we introduce the woman of the hour, Krystal Sutherland—or, Krystal Clear Makeup—as she’s known by her 2M-strong followers. Known for her next-level makeup artistry, the Vancouver-based Mom of two boys reveals how she rose to the top in only a couple of years (she launched her YouTube in 2015 and her Instagram account in 2016) since she first started posting on social media; how she navigates the tricky world of cut-throat competition and working with beauty brands; and finally, how she claps back at all the trolls.

Krystal Klear Makeup Breaking Beauty Podcast