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Ep 209 - The #DamnGood Skin Barrier-Boosting Creams We’ll Use Forever

“Barrier Repair” is a big beauty buzzword - but what does it really mean? Today we’re bringing you a little Skin Barrier 101, along with a roundup of our #damngood skin-saving favorites.

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Ready for a makeup bag makeover? LA-based celebrity makeup artist Jamie Makeup aka Jamie Greenberg works with the real ones in Hollywood: Busy Philipps, Mindy Kaling, Chelsea Handler and Tracee Ellis Ross. When she’s not serving up red carpet glam on Kristen Stewart for her Spencer premieres, “Everyone’s Personal Makeup Artist” is sharing real-life makeup tricks on her Instagram, testing the latest viral TikTok trends along with her own pro tips on how-to get more – for less.

Today, Jamie jumps on the mic to help decode the best base products for your everyday makeup routine, including her top budget buys, how to manage foundation for oily skin, and the eye primers she relies on for eyeshadow that will.not.smudge. Then, stay tuned for Jamie’s tips on nailing a 1-minute monochromatic makeup look, her holy grail mascaras, lip balms that actually work (!) on even the peeliest among us, and the lippies guaranteed to last all damn day.

Jamie Makeup Blighlighters and Temptu foundation are always in her kit!

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We’re all about breakthrough beauty products, and it doesn’t get any more ICONIC than the pink, tear drop-shaped sponge that revolutionized the way we apply foundation 💗 💗💗. In 2002, Hollywood makeup artist Rea Ann Silva created an entirely new category with her reusable, water-activated Beauty Blender that delivers seriously seamless foundation results. Now used by everyone from Makeup by Mario to Kylie Jenner to your very own Breaking Beauty Podcast hosts Jill and Carlene, 17 units are sold every single minute 😮.

Listen in as the genius inventor recalls what it was like hitting the road with New Kids On the Block and working with the Notorious B.I.G. before the Eureka moment working on the very first HD television show when her smash-hit applicator came to be. Then, we fast forward 15 years and ask Rea Ann about all those LOL #YouTube hacks 🍆. (Plus, get an ear-full about a never-before-heard customer service call from an adult film star 🙈.)

And finally, you’re not going to want to miss the #glowdown on Beauty Blender’s first foray into makeup with #BounceFoundation, which has been making headlines since its debut @sephora this week. We got all the scoop on its KILLAH finish and yes, we go deep on the contraversial shade selection.

Products mentioned in this episode: The Original Beauty Blender; Beauty Blender Bounce Foundation; Dior Lip Glow; Sulwhasoo; La Prairie Cellular Softening and Balancing Lotion

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