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Ep 209 - The #DamnGood Skin Barrier-Boosting Creams We’ll Use Forever

“Barrier Repair” is a big beauty buzzword - but what does it really mean? Today we’re bringing you a little Skin Barrier 101, along with a roundup of our #damngood skin-saving favorites.

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Caroline Hirons book


Hands up if you want youthful skin for as long as you can?! (Everybody, we know.) Notorious for her No-B.S. skincare advice, Caroline Hirons is here to spill the tea. The long-time YouTuber and blogger has trained in more than 100 beauty brands, creating bespoke facials and educating teams internationally for top-tier beauty companies around the world. The U.K.-based esthetician has also written a best-selling book, simply titled “Skincare,”  – with a 2.0 version expected April 2022 and her own skincare line later next year. (Mark your calendars!)

Caroline Hirons

Caroline Hirons is said to be launching her own skincare line in 2022 according to The Evening Standard

Today, Caroline shares her top age-well skin tips, including the advice she wishes she told her younger self. Plus, the skin guru debunks some of the biggest myths going in the beauty industry when it comes to blue light and your skin, neck creams, whether luxury skincare is actually worth the big bucks, and egads! She even shares why she is not necessarily a fan of the 60-second cleansing rule. Plus, stay tuned to find out why Caroline Hirons left the YouTube game and – plot twist!- could she be starting her own podcast??? 

Caroline Hirons

Skin Care The New Edit By Caroline Hirons is available now for pre-order

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