Ep 236 – A B*tch Drops Her Beauty Routine ft. HBIC Jackie Schimmel

July 27, 2022

A photo of Jackie Schimmel with Ep. 236 The Bitch Bible's Jackie Schimmel written over it

Jackie Schimmel is the unfiltered host behind the podcast, The Bitch Bible –  A podcast that dares to say what many are thinking, but only a bitch would say.” OG fans tune in for Jackie’s unapologetic rants on Bravo-lebs, pop culture, sex, millennial struggles, social faux-pas, tapeworms, hell, even bagels.  

In this week’s episode, we ask ‘What’s on a bitch’s topshelf?’ Jackie drops the surprising skincare line she swears by (hint: we’ve never heard of it,) the one makeup product she would smuggle into jail if she could, how-to deal with straw hair, plastic surgery truths, the dos and don’ts of bathroom snooping, what she’s buying for her swag new bathroom and so much more.


Ear muff alert! There’s no bleeping a bitch, so please (as Jackie would say!) buckle up for some explicit language this week.

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