Ep 239 – Meet The Skin Whisperer Who’s Captivating Fans With Crystals, Sound Baths & ASMR Facials, Holistic Medical Esthetician Jade Marie

August 17, 2022

A photo of Esthetician Jade Marie with Ep. 239 Holistic Medical Esthetican Jade Marie written over it

Jade Marie isn’t your average facialist. With 1.2 million followers on Instagram, the LA-based Holistic Medical Esthetician has built a unique brand of skin therapies by bringing together whispery-voiced ASMR facials, affirmation meditations and science-backed procedures. The one-time makeup artist’s #ComplexionsByJade YouTube series, where she goes by “JadeyWadey180,” have been known to lull even the most challenged skinthusiast into a state of calm

Jade Marie Performing a Facial Service, on a client with her eyes closed, and a white facial product on her face, Taken From Her Instagram

Jade Marie Performing Facial Service, Taken From Her Instagram

Do you really need a facial with a side of sound bath though? In today’s episode, the content creator shares her skin therapy philosophies, top reco’s (sesame oil, “mermaid tears” and more!) for every skin type and details on the daily skincare routine and selfcare practices that help keep her own complexion – and soul – glowing. Plus, the very personal reason why Jade opened her mind to the world of wellness in the first place.

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