Ep 242 – Hyram Yarbro’s 2.0: What Comes After TikTok, Canceling “Brutally Honest Reviews” & The Truth About Launching His Own Skincare Brand

September 7, 2022

A photo of Hyram Yarbro with Ep. 242 Hyram Yarbro aka "skincare by Hyram" written over it. In the photo he is standing in front of a coast line

In 2020, Hyram Yarbro earned upwards of 6 million TikTok followers in just four months. His brutally honest brand reviews, skin transformation reaction videos and budget skincare recommendations earned him the title of “The Gen-Z Whisperer” by The New York Times. Two years later, and Skincare By Hyram is back to chat about the lessons he’s learned as he’s shifted from content creator to brand founder – and where the beauty influencer economy is going next.

In today’s episode you’ll find out:

  • How he reflects on those “brutally honest product reviews” now.
  • What he’d do differently if he were to go back and recreate his skincare line today.
  • Whether some viral TikTok product recommendations are legit – or paid for.
  • His real thoughts on “jelly skin.”
  • What is “vabbing”? The fragrance trend you’ll wish you never heard of.
  • Which budget skincare brand he believes will pop off just in time for back-to-school (hint: we never heard of it.)
  • The skincare serum that he and Hailey Bieber bonded over. 
  • The #1 practice he’s adopted to help survive burnout.
  • Where the future of social media is going – beyond TikTok.

Plus, tune into Hyram’s podcast Justaposition, *tomorrow*, where we’ll be the featured guests! We get candid about what it’s like to work on our own podcast versus our Devil Wears Prada days working at fashion magazines, how we deal with negative reviews along with our latest favorite beauty products that may or may not include a foot foam for unsightly heel cracks (did we mention we’re getting real real?!) Don’t forget to follow, rate and review both shows!!

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