Ep 255 – Skincare Guru Kate Somerville on Winter Skin 101, Surviving Childhood Chaos & Why Success Really is the Best Revenge

December 7, 2022

A phot of Jill Dunn, Carlene Higgins and Kate Somerville. The photo has Ep. 255 Kate Somerville written over it

Kate Somerville is here to help us transition our skincare routine for winter! The Hollywood esthetician has tended to the faces of Meghan Markle, Demi Moore and Kate Hudson, while legions of fans adore her iconic Kate Somerville Exfolikate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment, revered for improving texture and pores in 2 minutes flat.

Today, the legendary skin guru delivers her best tips for managing cold weather skin woes, along with advice on which spendy esthetic treatments to invest in – and which to avoid. But first, we get the real-and-raw backstory behind Kate’s success, including how she overcame a tumultuous childhood – and how she’s coming full circle by supporting youth today.

Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins at The Kate Somerville Skin Health Clinic in Melrose Place

Jill and Carlene At The Kate Somerville Skin Health Clinic in Melrose Place

Content warning: Addiction is discussed.

What You’ll Discover In Today’s Episode:

  • The inside scoop on the rich Hollywood history that surrounds the iconic Kate Somerville Skin Health Clinic on Melrose Place
  • Which treatments celebrities are doing behind closed doors to look younger longer
  • Why lasers beat chemical peels for women of a certain age – and why Kate thinks we should run from microdermabrasion 
  • Why the most beautiful actresses in LA-LA Land shave their faces
  • What Kate does to manage her personal battle with eczema – and why cortisones aren’t it 
  • Her Five Daily Do’s for winter-proof skin, and what to save for summer
  • Details on Kate’s philanthropic efforts with Foster Nation, including a mentorship scholarship program helping overlooked foster youth pursue careers as licensed aestheticians

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