Ep 261 – Lessons in Eye Makeup Magic with Lucy Boynton’s Makeup Artist Jo Baker

January 18, 2023

A photo of makeup artist Jo Baker, with Ep. 261 Makeup Artist Jo Baker written over it. In the photo she is wearing a bright red lipstick

Today we’re sitting down with one of our dream-guest makeup artists, Jo Baker! Jo is responsible for the myriad doe eye looks seen on Lucy Boynton, as well as the sexy siren eyes as spied on Olivia Wilde. Today, Jo is opening up her expertly curated makeup bag to reveal the top products – and tricks – she’s using as red carpet szn officially kicks off this month.

But first, Jo introduces her very own makeup line, Bakeup Beauty, right here on the mic! Created with recording artist Grace Gaustad, Bakeup is blurring the lines between makeup for the metaverse and real life, with boundary-pushing hues, face textiles and adornments designed to help beauty feel joyous again.

What You’ll Discover In This Episode:

  • The top 3 items always in Jo’s red carpet kit 
  • The makeup artist’s no-fail hack for undereye dark circles
  • How-to wear bold eye colors in real life (as seen on Kathryn Hahn!)
  • Gel liners vs. kohl liners vs. liquid liners – the 101 on which formula to use, when
  • Steal this! The no-skills-required makeup look that slays on everyone – at every age

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