Ep 289 – Bonus Episode! Updating our Haul of Fame With New #DamnGood Favourites To Add To Your Cart, ASAP

July 31, 2023

A photo of Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins with Ep, 289 Bonus! Our Haul of Fame is Back written over it

In today’s bonus episode, we’re announcing the next round of #damngood products we’re adding to Breaking Beauty’s legendary Haul of Fame. Saving up your Sephora Beauty Insider Points? Planning for Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty? Bookmark this shoppable list of our updated finds that we personally reach for – and recommend – time and time again. Plus, off the hop, we catch up on a few big beauty-meets-pop culture moments

A photo of a few of the Haul of Fame selections

A sneak peek at some of our Haul of Fame 2023 additions!

You’ll hear about:

  • A fragrance that smells like summer in a bottle from the Vacation brand (btw we still have a promo code with them – use code BEAUTY at checkout to save 20%  at vacation.inc
  • An “airbrush” blush that Sephora cannot keep in stock 
  • A sheet mask that we’re likening to an “instant facial” 
  • Carlene’s throwback, French pharmacy must for sensitive skin types
  • Jill’s new, budget-fave moisturizer that’s so skin-safe, it’s eczema-approved
  • Plus, the indie, sustainable makeup brand we had to remove (RIP

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