Ep 293 – The Next Niacinamide, Skincare Filters For Your Tap and A New Way to Save on Your Fave Products – Are These The #DamnGood Beauty Products and Trends We’ll Be Seeing Everywhere in 2024 and Beyond?!

August 23, 2023

A photo of Carlene Higgins at Cosmoprof a Las Vegas Beauty Expo

This week we’re looking ahead with some predictions of what everyone will be deeming top-shelf worthy in the near future! Carlene went behind-the-scenes at one of the biggest trade shows in the biz, Cosmoprof in Las Vegas – and visited a leading cosmetics manufacturer’s “innovation box” – to hunt down the trends that aren’t even trends yet. Come along as we discover the next big things, like lymphatic-drainage spa leggings that you wear while you putter, skincare filters that attach to your sink and more. Which ones are wait-list worthy in your books?

Find out about the next gen trends:

  • Oz is Revealed: Once a top secret in the beauty biz, why this contract manufacturer is being pulled out from behind the curtain, at last
  • The next niacinamide? Innovation experts from Cosmetica, Alessandro Mendes and Maria Osorio, reveal the ingredients most likely to hit your topshelf next
  • Tweakment-adjacent beauty products: Just what are cosmeceutical leggings, anyway? 
  • Gadgets galore: $700 LED face masks and gua sha massagers with extra bite
  • Beauty seconds: Where to buy scratch-and-dent beauty products at a discount – and whether it’s really a smart idea

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