Ep 304 – Bonus! 7 Ways to Future-Proof Your Skin (and Reverse Past Damage) According to Celebrity Esthetician Crystal Koro. Plus! We Tried The Latest K-Beauty- Inspired Pro Treatment That People Are Calling “Liquid Microneedling”

October 30, 2023

A photo of Jill Dunn, Carlene Higgins and Celebrity Esthetician Crystal Koro

In partnership with our friends at Beyond Miracles, welcome to a bonus, uninterrupted episode with Celebrity Medical Esthetician, Crystal Koro. Owner of LA-based, Crystal Clear Skin & Beauty, Crystal has been dubbed “master aesthetician to the stars” by Popsugar, with a celebrity clientele that includes Eva Longoria, Olivia Culpo, Kylie Jenner – and even Drake!

Crystal counts Celebrity Hairstylist Chris Appleton amongst her elite clientele

In today’s episode, we find out the most important skin habits to follow to help prevent premature aging in 20-something skin. Plus, we find out how to reverse past damage, whether you’re dealing with post-acne scarring, sun spots or deep-set wrinkles. 

Finally, we discover everything there is to know about the latest K-Beauty skincare sensation making waves in North America, a professional, clinically-proven treatment that’s been likened to “liquid microneedling,” Cellstory by Beyond Miracles

You’ll hear all about:

  • “Liquid microneedling” – Carlene and Jill try Cellstory by Beyond Miracles, the born-in-Korea pro treatment that boasts microspear technology, microscopic liquid microneedles derived from freshwater-grown sponges to deliver ingredient penetration without numbing, blood or down time
  • Preventative retinol – When is the ideal age to start using the gold standard skincare ingredient for smoother skin in your golden years
  • Chemical vs physical exfoliation 101 – How, and how often, to exfoliate for your skin type and why exfoliation is the key to skin goals success
  • Pillowcase cycling? Why the facialist swears by this technique, and the sleeping musts to invest in for clearer skin
  • Gadget queen – The mind-blowing face and body devices that Crystal uses both in-office and at home 

Beyond Miracles Miracletox, the at-home kit for “liquid microneedling” results


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This Episode Is Brought To You In Partnership With Beyond Miracles

Beyond Miracles
Get skin beyond belief. Visit beyond-miracles.com and use code BEAUTY to receive 20% off your first order. Unlike most treatments, CELLSTORY and MiracleTox can be used on active acne and has minimal downtime. CELLSTORY and MiracleTox’s Microspear technology is 20x finer than a micro-needling stamp, and suitable for all skin types.


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