Ep 317 – Solo Ep! Are Fillers Cancelled? Plus, Carlene’s Mystery Skin Diagnosis Revealed and The Facial Treatments Worth Investing In

January 24, 2024

From BBL (Broad Band Light) therapy to microneedling with exosomes, tune in as your hosts reveal the facial treatments that they’re having done now, along with tips on the best places to get a facial in Toronto and ideas on where to host a Galentine’s getaway. But first, in this week’s solo episode, Jill sounds off about tweens running amok at Sephora, while Carlene makes the case for allowing children to get in on the beauty game, too. 

Damage Reportedly Caused By Kids in Sephora

Plus! We’re chatting about:

  • Are fillers cancelled? We dissect this industry insider’s hard stance 
  • Carlene drops her new rosacea skincare routine including the hero ingredient she is applying day and night
  • Fitness for your face? Meet the hit skin treatment app that’s giving Peleton a run for its money
  • Buccal facials – why some facial lymphatic drainage treatments can be relaxing, while others are just plan painful
  • Why red carpet celebrities seem to be glowing down this awards season, en masse

Carlene’s Visia Skin Analysis

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