Ep 206 – Why You’ve Really Got To Stop Paying Retail With Beauty Pie Founder Marcia Kilgore

January 5, 2022

A photo of Marcia Kilgore with episode 206 Beauty Pie Founder Marcia Kilgore written over it

Marcia Kilgore was the owner of Bliss Salon in New York City’s Soho district, where her low key facials earned clients like Madonna and Oprah, before launching her iconic range of baby blue bath and body products. Bliss would eventually be acquired by LVMH for $25M, and after a series of ventures – Soap & Glory, FitFlop, Soaper Duper – Marcia is taking on Big Beauty with a membership-only cosmetics company that promises luxury products at warehouse prices.

A photo of the original Bliss Spa located in New York

Bliss Spa located in SoHo New York City

In this episode, we break down everything you’d want to know about how a beauty club works, along with details on Beauty Pie’s number one best seller, the JapanFusion Pure Transforming Cleanser (Price tag? $8 bucks.)  Listen in as Marcia reveals why a $150 face cream only costs $5 to make, and we find out whether Beauty Pie really can be considered “luxury.” Have you tried Beauty Pie? And if so, would you ever go back to retail again? We wanna hear from you!

A photo of the Beauty Pie Japan Fusion Product, Pure Transforming Cleanser

Beauty Pie’s JapanFusion Pure Transforming Cleanser

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