Ep 216 – It’s The Women-Supporting-Women Episode With Sisters Hunter McGrady & Michaela McGrady of The Model Citizen Podcast!

March 16, 2022

A photo of Hunter and Michaela McGrady, this week's guests. With their names and Episode 206 written over the image. In the photo they are wearing lots of patterns and bright outfits

Meet our new podfam, Hunter McGrady and Michaela McGrady, hosts of Model Citizen Podcast! Hunter and Michaela are the Hollywood-bred sisters and curve models who are slaying the body positivity game, collectively earning multiple Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue spreads, landing covetable campaigns with the likes of Skims and Good American and partnering with QVC to release its most size-inclusive fashion range to date, “All Worthy by Hunter McGrady.”

A photo of Hunter McGrady pulled from her instagram, of her in her "All Worthy" QVC collection pieces. She is wearing a brown tank top and blue jeans

Hunter McGrady in Pieces From Her QVC Collection “All Worthy”, Courtesy of Her Instagram

Today, Hunter and Michaela are spilling all –  from how they maintain confidence within the cutthroat modeling industry to why they’ve turned down fashion jobs to battling “fat phobia” bias at the doctor’s office. Plus, the siblings get real about their own journey away from face-tuning as they reveal the exact beauty products they use to look camera ready on their popular Instagram feeds. And finally, how can we support our sistah’s in our everyday lives?

A photo of Michaela McGrady in a brown set of underwear from Kim Kardashian's brand Skims

Michaela McGrady in Skims, Courtesy of Her Twitter

PODSWAP ALERT: Tune in to The Model Citizen Podcast tomorrow (March 17th) to hear Carlene and Jill discuss how the world of beauty and media is changing – for better and for worse – along with the top beauty tricks they’ve learned themselves after five years of podcasting.

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