Ep 268 – From Deconstructing “Ugly” to “Peak Tweak,” This Women’s Day We’re Exploring Beauty Standards with Beauty Journalists Anita Bhagwandas and Charisse Kenion

March 8, 2023

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Happy Women’s Day, everyone! This week we’re putting a lens on beauty standards, gaining some much needed perspective and discussing how rising pressures from celebrities, social media and real life biases are shaping our experiences.

Joining us are two fellow beauty journalists from across the pond. Charisse Kenion is the host of BeautyMe podcast. She’s also a beauty and fashion writer, editor and photographer who’s interviewed everyone from Diane Von Furstenberg to Dolce & Gabbana. (Be sure to follow Charisse on TikTok for epic 90s era fashion moments!)

We’re also welcoming Conde Nast Traveller Beauty Director, Anita Bhagwandas. Anita is an award-winning journalist, broadcaster and she’s the beauty columnist for The Guardian. Her new book, Ugly: Giving Us Back Our Beauty Standardsuncovers where beauty standards started, why they’ve been perpetuated and she unmasks the structures that continue to support them.

This Week We Discuss:

  • Whoopi vs. Joan, Child-free Chelsea and Viola the Brave: The women who are living rent-free in our head at the moment
  • Madonna-Gate: Does the limit exist when it comes to celeb plastic surgery or should we all stop judging?
  • How artificial intelligence is shaping our views around beauty
  • Are “tweakments” warping our authentic sense of selves?
  • Where we are with diversity and body positivity in the beauty biz – how far have we come, really?
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