Ep 316 – The #DamnGood, Definitive Guide to Winter Skincare: A Derm-Backed, $18 “Gleanser,” GOOP for the Masses, Eczema Patches and Do Babies Need Luxury Skincare, Too?

January 17, 2024

Meet the new, #DamnGood skincare musts that are getting us through this scaly season. Carlene falls in love with a sleek, dermatologist-backed skincare range offering jumbo sizes at minuscule prices, while Jill debates whether the Queen of Quiet Luxury, Gwyneth Paltrow, can really mingle on Target shelves with the debut of her new diffusion line, Good.Clean.Goop. 

Plus! You’ll discover:

  • Barrier serums are the new barrier creams, and we put The Ordinary’s new pepto-pink formula to the test
  • Can a skin-comforting cleansing mousse really take the day off in one-step?
  • Everything to know about Kao’s new brand of eczema relief patches, re/cover
  • The next generation of clean beauty? Meet the free-from skincare range for sensitive types, developed by a certified allergist
  • Why designer skincare is coming for your baby

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